Fresh starters of all ages…here’s some cost cutting tips

Holiday weekend…a nice long one with time enough to take a road trip to visit family or just  get reaquainted with your own little ‘burb. It’s the commencement of summer officially and all that goes with it.  The end of May means the start of June…the favored wedding month.  So you may be just filling up your first apartment or even if you started house keeping ages ago there’s always something new to find and smart to shop for.  Here’s a few ideas for those of you who may be young…old…or inbetween and just want value in a purchase.

Discount Area Rugs and Carpet:  Whether shopping for an area rug or wall to wall check out the discounter first.  Many times they carry roll -ends that might fit your size requirement .  You can save a ton of $$ as these stores will greatly reduce the per yard or per square foot price. If you need any area rug…think cut and bound carpet.  Many times a smaller piece  can be bound and cut to fit your space at a wonderful price.  Binding  the carpet edges is very in expensive. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask even if your favorite retailer doesn’t have this type of merchandise on display.  Most of you are close to a  Lumber Liquidator.  Here’s their web site: .  Log on to the website and rquest a catalog for at home shopping.  They sell nationally and carry all types of flooring materials.  Carpetings hometown, USA is in Dalton, Georgia.  This is just north of Atlanta,Georgia.  Try out one of the outlets there, as many will ship around the country.  Here’s one I have had personal experience with:   They will ship around the country, send you samples, and there is no sales tax with shipping outside Georgia.

Antique China and Silver:  This is something I love to tell newly- weds and young people just setting up housekeeping.  Don’t overlook shopping in your local antique malls and shops for fabulous pricing on whole sets of china and serving pieces.  You won’t always need a set for 12 , or a complete set of dishes and servers to match.  You can’t compare the value and excellent pricing to new pieces and it’s a great way to mix it up in the dining room.  You may even discover a new collection of something you love!  Often you’ll find in a display case….small serving pieces of silver…like a pickle fork or sugar tongs…for a very affordable price.  If you find something like this on your next vacation it can be a pleasant reminder of that adventure each time you set the table.  Here are my favorite websites for these items….Replacements, LTD. and  Shopping on line can give you a good idea of what accurate pricing should be but I find that bargaining with a local dealer gives you the best price advantage.  Most dealers expect you to do a little bargaining and have set their price tags accordingly.  And for those of you scaling down…talk to your local antique dealers about taking any of your old china and silver to sell for you.  They may be interested in furniture items.Guess that leads me to consignment shopping…but that will have to be another blog!  So have a great holiday…..Decoration Day…and make it Memorable too!  Til next time….

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May 22 2009 12:14 pm | Antiques and Carpeting and China and Flooring

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