Choosing an Interior Designer…Good Idea? Absolutely and here’s why…

One of the biggest fallacies about the world of Interior Design and decorating is that working with a professional is only for the extremely wealthy….and not for people interested in “do-it-yourself ” projects.  Seeking the assistance from a design professional today doesn’t need to cost a fortune.  When your home is a large part of your finacial package, you need to protect it and yourself  from making costly mistakes.  Many designers will share ideas and sources and point you to the best resources for tradesmen to give you overall project direction.  Most designers, like myself,  work really hard to share secrets for savings and cutting corners depending on your budget.

How do you find a good and capable designer? Maybe this is obvious but ask your friends,family and co-workers.  Then ask the designer for references…but be sure to follow them up!   Better  yet,  check on line by finding an ASID designer in your hometown. Here’s the website:  complete with directory.  It’s as simple as punching in your zip code.  ASID is an organization of credentialed design professionals.  All members must meet standards of education, and experience before being approved for membership.   First and foremost you MUST find someone you can relate to and most of all communicate well with.  Seek out a designer who can interprete your needs and pin-point your style.  The customer should always be” king” in the design world.  Your home is your castle and should reflect your personality above the designers.

Don’t be intimidated and live in fear of cost.  A good design professional should be able to quote you with a breakdown of all anticipated costs and in contract form.  Your approval should be given for all expenditures.  In today’s market place it probably isn’t an all or nothing service. So be vocal and negotiate where you need to.  Maybe you’ll enjoy doing some of the work yourself and just need color suggestions.  I’ve never worked with any 2 clients the same way.  Tastes and needs vary.

Be prepared to be a good client….ask lots of questions.  Start a file folder of magazine ideas.  Even if you don’t know your style yet…the designer can psyche you out by looking at the photos of the things you love!  Here are some suggestions for outside reading and searching on your own.   How To Work With an Interior Designer by Judy Sheridon, ASID

How to Work With An Interior Designer

How to Work With An Interior Designer

And finally for you artsy fartsy types… I loved this woman’s story of the emotional adventure she had in crafting a home that relects her completely.
Jill Butlers newest book

Jill Butlers newest book

My experience has been that you’re never done working on your house.  It’s a constant evolution over time….your home changes as you and your families needs do.  So off you go…creating a nest is like joining a safari and hopefully loving the excitement and surprize in the process.  Now venture out there and get creative!

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May 06 2009 05:16 pm | Finding a designer and Interior Design

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  1. Corleen on 07 May 2009 at 10:13 pm #

    Great thoughts…you’ve given me hope to find just the right person to help me without spending a fortune! Paul

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    hey this is a very interesting article!

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    Great article on this and nice design work

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